Can we measure the performance of our site?

Published on : 07 September 20223 min reading time

Through the operation of your website with its content, Internet users evaluate you and create an idea, opinions or views about you. That is, visitors have views on who you are. Also, on the image and place you have in the business world and especially in marketing for commercial sites, know that the performance of your site really means a lot.

Why measure the performance of your site?

According to statistics, it has been stated that about 75% of Internet users do not waste time on a site that has a loading time of more than 4 seconds. Generally speaking, 4 seconds seems to be a short time, but it is a long time for Internet users. Apart from that, due to any technical malfunctions, even small and unexpected, many sales in commercial sites are abandoned. Therefore, make sure to evaluate the performance of your site from time to time. You can use different means or techniques for this, for example, A/B tests.

How can you measure the performance of your site?

First, make sure your site is working well on the technical side. This mainly takes into account the display speed of any search within the site. Second, evaluate the performance of the site’s design. Here, consider the remarks, comments and ratings coming from your site visitors. Third, don’t forget about SEO for better site ranking. As a logical consequence, offer a good technical quality for your site and fully respect the rules of SEO. Lastly, be advanced on the marketing side. So, install a tracking software concerning all the actions of the Internet users on your site. Improve your site as needed to turn these users into your customers.

The benefits of measuring the performance of your site

With the evaluations of your site, you know your visitors better. Learn about their behaviors, needs and expectations. This way you can make better changes and improvements to the site. Then you can increase the conversion rate of visitors into potential customers and then into final customers. In addition to that, with a website that is put to performance from time to time, you will drive visitors to your site, eventually to fully engage them and induce them to subscribe to your site or also to your brand and products.

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