Conversational trading: what makes voice assistance the future of brands?

Brands are adopting distinct techniques to provide customers with better experiences. Currently, social networks are highly developed and understandably, brands are taking advantage of this remarkable growth for proactive engagement. Dialogue is now the best way for brands to deliver a good and personalised customer experience. In a nutshell, customers are urged to start conversations with brands in a personal and effective way and vice versa.

Understanding conversational trading

Messaging applications are current and are more and more used for business. In a nutshell, conversational trading is the use of these applications or any similar interface to interact with people or brands. The most used platforms at the moment are Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Slack. It is also possible to use voice recognition platforms such as Cortana to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to customers' needs.

How does conversational trading work?

Conversational trading is based on artificial intelligence and its essence is to communicate with customers by voice or chat in a direct and personalised manner. Discussions take place when the customer makes contact from a particular channel to make a purchase or request information. It is therefore possible to establish a dialogue with a salesperson or a customer service agent. Indeed, conversational trading is used in customer service to not only provide buyers with the right services but also to enable customer service agents to effectively make sales.

Voice assistance in conversational trading

Conversational trading is focused on customer satisfaction and aims to redefine the experience when benefitting from a company's services. Indeed, it makes services more sophisticated and advanced. It will therefore be able to enable customers to have direct communication with brands. Voice assistance is a challenge for brands. Consumers use voice commands to acquire more information. It makes life easier by fulfilling all requested orders, hence the fact that instead of going to a brand's website to do research, consumers are turning to voice assistance. Voice control is growing rapidly because customers do not approve of talking to the keyboard and screen. They prefer to confide through a voice assistant, so they can get satisfactory answers. As a matter of fact, voice communication has a positive impact because it promotes human interaction. Indeed, with this type of assistance, customers now experience an intimate relationship which is very convenient because it is less mentally tiring than communicating using a computer. With time, conversational trading will allow customers to stop spending a lot of time in front of their mobiles and computers.

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