How to assess a web page and improve it?

The performance of a web page offers the users a better experience during their visit on a website. In this case, the manager must measure the performance of his web page and improve the necessary elements to attract more traffic.

The way to measure the performance of a web page

The performance of a web page is currently necessary to attract Internet users, because the loading speed remains the first thing that a visitor sees when he visits a website. The person in charge must then measure this performance with the help of measurement tools and also perform an A/B test. You can find the types of A/B tests here. There are many different kinds of tools to measure a web page like Uptrends, Pingdom, GTmetrix, etc. However, each tool analyzes components to determine the performance of the page. These indicators consist of the speed of access to the server, the time it takes for the text to appear without an image, the time it takes for the page to load plus the loads of its various components and the time the web page becomes interactive. In addition, the components of the measurement also include the time of visibility of the first displayed area and the time of total loads. The tester should be aware that the use of the tools requires a professional such as a developer, an agency, etc.

Ways to improve the performance of a web page

The improvement of web pages, aiming to make the experience of users better, will increase the amount of traffic in the site. In this case, to optimize the performance of a web page, the person in charge must adapt the images on his site as the size, the resolution, etc. Indeed, the images represent 60% of the weight of the site. In addition, to remove compatibility issues, the tester should also check for updates of CMS, plugin, etc. The use of a cache extension allows to facilitate the loading time. This tool is then essential if the manager can afford it on his site or CMS. Hosting videos on platforms, removing unnecessary extensions, sorting out the content of important information helps greatly in the improvement of the performance of a webpage.

The importance of a good web page performance

Optimizing the loading speed can offer several advantages. Indeed, a good performance allows to increase the amount of traffic. In addition, it will allow some Internet users to determine the seriousness and professionalism of the company through its website. A well performing page also offers a strong influence on search engines. Thus, the web page will have a good positioning.

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