How to improve the customer experience with smart phygital?

Published on : 02 June 20222 min reading time
In the era of digitisation, consumers are more and more willing to have a connection with brands. To re-establish an ideal relationship with the customer during his or her purchase, companies are orienting their strategy towards the phygital concept. Indeed, smart phygital is a commercial policy aimed at reinvesting in stores to make them more intelligent.

Personalised services through digital technology

Interaction between companies and customers should be increasingly restricted and obsolete with the advent of the digital age. However, the opposite is happening. Leads are indeed bombarded with diverse offers in different markets. Customer relations play a crucial role in their choice process. To better differentiate their products, brands are focusing on customer experience and sales shops. This is a policy that tends to transform shops into experiential and sensorial places. The smart phygital concept is therefore part of a personalised marketing objective based on customer opinions and comments. It is mainly founded on the use of digital tools and artificial intelligence and its primary objective is to improve the customer experience and thus provide a service that is adapted to their needs and expectations. A tailor-made support technique, it aims to give satisfaction to customers during their purchases.

Creating a personalised customer journey

With the digitalisation of commerce, consumers now have the opportunity to access multiple products and then compare them more easily. But faced with an overabundance of choice, they often get lost. The need for guidance is therefore increasingly felt, which results in the challenge for companies being to offer customised support without imposing particular choices on their potential customers. To achieve this, corporations are using smart phygital principles and working on maintaining a deeper relationship with their customers, especially by offering them tailor-made assistance.

Providing a new customer experience

To revitalise physical shops and improve customer knowledge with the smart phygital approach, companies are putting in place numerous means. Starting with interactive digital terminals, alongside tablets, mobile payment and click and connect methods as well as augmented reality. Brands are enhancing their creativity to make their performance double or triple. In short, smart phygital puts the customer at the heart of everything and thus delivers to him or her a new shopping experience.

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