A/B method: what is a split test?

Nowadays, marketing teams have the ability to make informed decisions and adopt scientific approaches to optimize their results, as well as optimize the experience of their customers (users). Indeed, it is on reliable data and not on subjective intuitions that marketing teams base their decisions. This is what A/B testing is all about. Do you want to know and understand split testing? Then discover in this article everything you need to know about this subject.

A/B method: what is split testing?

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a scientific method that allows the comparison of 2 versions of a page (A and B), also allowing to identify and know which version converts better. So, version A is the control version (the current version of the page), and version B is the processing page (the modified page). Thus, comparing the performance of the two versions is easier if they are tested simultaneously. The redesign of version A is based on a "hypothesis". This hypothesis is about how visitors/users use the site. Comparing the control version and the treatment version allows you to confirm or refute your hypothesis. Performing multiple A/B tests is the best way to really understand how a page's performance can be affected by its design. This process is applied continuously by major trading companies, and involves multiple versions of each page. Click on the anchor below to learn more about split testing, Kameleoon explains more about A/B testing.

What type of split test / AB test should I use?

Classic AB test: it presents to visitors or users 2 variations of your page on a single URL. Thus, you can compare 2 (or more) variations of an element. Split test: this redirects traffic to one or more different URLs. In case you host new pages on your server, this is very interesting. MVT or multivariate testing: Multivariate testing is a test that measures the impact of multiple changes on a page. For example, you can change your banner, your presentation, the color of your texts, etc. This test allows you to identify the most effective combination

Why do split testing in 2022?

Split testing is implemented by many companies to improve their marketing performance. E-commerce sites to improve the conversion tunnel; Software, as well as SaaS sites to improve the homepage, and also the subscription process; and Lead generation sites to improve landings pages.

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