What is the ideal volume of traffic for a reliable A/B test?

A/B testing is an effective way to generate more constant traffic on your web page by comparing two models. A certain amount of traffic is then necessary to determine the reliability of the results obtained after the comparison.

The volume of test required for a reliable A/B test

An A/B test compares the performance of two versions of a web page or application. Both versions A and B will be placed in front of the users' screen randomly to see which version attracts more attention. However, a volume of traffic is needed for reliable data. You can then find out what you need to know about A/B testing at kameleoon.com. In some cases where a test displays a test result in advance, other criteria should not be overlooked such as the number of samples taken and the behavior of each day of the week. In this case, the duration of the A/B test should be one or two weeks depending on the recorded traffic. Indeed, the ideal traffic volume is at least 5000 visitors on 75 conversions per version.

Other practices to consider for a reliable A/B test

The reliability of the A/B test is not limited to the amount of traffic generated. For a successful test, the tester must first verify that the data in the A/B test solution are working properly by performing an A/A test. In addition, the tester should also test only one variable at a time to know each impact of the variable. To obtain a reliable result for an A/B test, the tester must adapt the number of variations to the volume. Indeed, a low traffic volume increases the duration of the test to obtain the desired results. Also, the person in charge of the test must be patient during the test. Statistical reliability must be at least 95% for the tester to make decisions, as the result may be due to chance, but not to the changes made. However, if the test takes a long time to reach the 95% reliability level, the tester must finish the test before moving on to other tests.

Elements to test on your site for an A/B test

The reliability of an A/B test is important, but knowing which elements to change has an impact in the test. Each element has an effect on the site. However, the most relevant elements are headings and titles, buttons, images, page structure, algorithms, forms, navigation, pricing and business model.

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