How to strengthen your customer relation thanks to social networks?

Published on : 02 June 20223 min reading time
By smartly using tools that allow you to give a quality customer relationship on social networks, you can have ambassadors for your brand in the shape of your clients. Indeed, social networks are real levers of popularity, sales and loyalty. What you need above all is an outstanding customer relationship. It is no longer enough to guarantee customer service, you must also create a strong bond with your audience.

Devising a charter

To grow your customer relationship on social networks, start by establishing a communication charter. The latter should not be too classic. Write it clearly and concisely, displaying essential points such as the level of proximity to the customer, the elements to be prohibited, the subjects to be avoided, the rules to be followed and the link to the competition and the sector.

Don’t forget the brand’s calendar of events and avoid becoming a robot and try to show your human side; since the word social is included in ‘social networks’, try to expand this connection by demonstrating sincerity, warmth and feeling.

Be careful, because the way you communicate (the tone, what you share, your involvement) conveys your company’s essence, its appreciation for human interactions and its overall reputation. Listen to your audience, respond quickly and be aware that it is odd for the response to arrive 24 hours later.

A real customer relationship

Do you need a PIM solution? If so, use it to its fullest by connecting with your customers to develop a real customer relationship by showing that you care about them. To do so, make sure you monitor your brand on social networks. You can also share testimonials from your loyal customers. Use a variety of media and be creative in talking to your audience such as videos or images. When responding to comments, use sympathy and humour while staying respectful towards the customer.

What you need is to bring memorable moments to your audience. And don’t forget your customers turned into ambassadors! Since everyone loves surprises, give them gifts with a personal note to maintain their loyalty to your brand and bring in new clients.

Knowing your audience

Instead of addressing everyone, address one person at a time, i.e. the person who uses one of your products most often. Those who don’t miss any of your products are really important to you; go as far as tagging them in your social media posts.

Forming a direct and targeted relationship will also help you develop your customer relation. Do not hesitate to extend your company’s link with influencers on social networks and share posts that appeal to them, hence the need to know your audience well.

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