How to reduce delivery times with Ship from Store?

To improve the logistics in business, as well as to reduce the delivery time of goods when a customer buys online, various practices have been created. The Ship from Store happens to be one of the most successful methods to optimise the management of stock and logistics within companies and to speed up the delivery process and the exchange of goods and services in the market as a whole. Ship from Store also helps to reduce delivery times to avoid long waiting times.

What exactly is Ship from Store?

Ship from Store is a practice that has contributed enormously to the evolution of e-commerce. It has made it increasingly easy to ensure the timely delivery of goods sold by online businesses. Whereas in the past it was necessary to manage logistics and stocks from within the company, it is now possible to speed up the delivery of goods from a relay point or a shop selling the goods supplied by your enterprise. Ship from Store is an effective strategy for delivering goods ordered online on time and improving your company's stock management and logistics.

Why you should consider going the Ship from Store route

Thanks to the Ship from Store method, you can guarantee visitor retention and conversion by offering a reduced delivery charge. Indeed, the delivery costs will be charged according to the distance between the relay point and your enterprise's partner store, which automatically results in their reduction. Ship from Store then ensures speedy delivery of the goods sold by your company and allows you to offer a reduced price to your consumers compared to the conventional delivery method.

Implementing a Ship from Store strategy

Implementing the Ship from Store method is an easy task; as an entrepreneur, you will probably be able to work out a reliable delivery method with your associates, i.e. the shops selling your products, third parties and partner companies, and discuss sponsorships for the sale of your goods. You should then negotiate prices, commission fees and interest for your deliverables' Ship from Store.

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